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A Colombian company is seeking for a capitalist partner for investing in a timber project


A Colombian company is searching for a capitalist partner that is willing to invest between 3 to 20 million dollars in exchange for its shares. The project consists in buying land, minimum 1.000 hectares per year, and plant it with fast-growing species such as the Acacia Mangium and Eucpalyptus Pellta, with the intention of harvesting in 7 years, convert the wood to timber biomass in the form of chips, and export it to Europe.
It is worth mentioning that the forestry industry in Colombia is rising and on its way to becoming a major player in the country’s economy. It is heavily promoted and incentivized by the government by means of tax exemptions and economic benefits. Also, the region of Vichada has, by far, the most suitable farmland in the country for agro industrial developments, with +6.3 million hectares of flat, virgin savannas, a tropical weather, and a steady raindrop regime perfectly suited for forestry. Still, the region offers unique entry opportunities due to the fact that it is in the process of being developed. Farmland can still be purchased for as incredibly low as U$200 per hectare.

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