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About Us

We are an international organization destined to facilitate the search, contact and approach between entrepreneurs, from all over the world, for the development of business opportunities.

What We Offer

The RIN is composed of business platforms managed at the country level, duly interconnected, gathering business opportunities for their respective placement. In addition, each country has a group of local business brokers that facilitate the search and placement of business opportunities that are entrusted to the RIN.


The RIN is made up of partners and / or affiliates who assume the quality of administrators of it, in their countries, organizing the local network of business brokers and the corresponding business platform (by signing agreements and alliances on behalf of the RIN with the main guilds, chambers as well as public and private agents, allowing it to capture and organize in one place all the national offer or demand for business opportunities, which are finally shared internationally, through the other platforms).

  • Peru

    Red Peruana de Negocios S.A.C. is a company that belongs to TYTL’s Group (TyTL Law Firm and Ase Consultores). The RPN aims to facilitate the contact between the supply and demand of M&A and trading opportunities and therefore accelerates the closing of those deals. Its business model is being used worldwide by the RIN (“International Business Network” by its acronym in Spanish), which is the “holding” of this international group.


    RED ESPAÑOLA DE NEGOCIOS SIGLO XXI, S.L. is a spanish company established for the development, entrepreneurship and implementation of a supranational business platform. ALI is composed of  prestigious law firms in France and Spain.

  • Chile

    Softlanding Partners SPA, is an international consultancy expert in processes of internationalization of companies, provider of professional services in various areas (commercial, operations, outsourcing), with presence in Peru and Chile. Softlanding Partners SPA advise companies from the initial stages of the internationalization process (market studies), to the most advanced stages (commercial management, outsourcing, direct distribution, representation, etc.).

  • Venezuela

    Finantop is a Venezuelan business firm focused on business, financial and international trade promotion. It offers an  specialized services portfolio to develop productive business units through solid advice provided by a multidisciplinary team. Its team of consultants has extensive experience in the international market, allowing to offer quickly, effectively and reliably a wide range of services for the import and export of goods and materials and development of international trade schemes among others.

  • Ecuador

    Annex Asia Machinery is a company responsible for directly marketing machinery for the industrial, aquaculture and agricultural sectors. We have ISO9001: 2008. We offer turnkey proposals.

  • France

    ASESORES LEGALES IBEROAMERICANOS SL (ALI) is a spanish company established for the development, entrepreneurship and implementation of a supranational business platform. ALI is composed of  prestigious law firms in France and Spain.

  • United States of America

    Peruamenrican Trade LLC is a consulting firm, focused on growing and strengthening international collaborations. We provide high quality services to facilitate, integrate and generate global businesses. PT LLC primarily serves the greater MD/DC/VA region.

    Our service is underpinned by an emphasis on knowledge, research, experience, and professionalism. PT LLC finds opportunities and caters to local and international clients across sectors.

    We particularly differentiate ourselves in aligning our interest with those of our clients by participating in negotiations, where/when required and ensure the implementation of strategies.

  • Mexico


  • Bolivia


  • Colombia

    Formulación y Gestión de Proyectos S.A.S.– FYGP es una firma de consultoría especializada en desarrollar las ideas y propuestas de valor de nuestros clientes. 

    Nuestro equipo ha trabajado con las herramientas de gestión y formulación de proyectos de uso común en el mundo como el Marco Lógico, el Canvas, Plan de Negocio, Planeación Estratégica, Planeación por Escenarios, Metodología del PMI y MGA entre otros. 

    Hemos desarrollado importantes proyectos a nivel nacional en áreas como fortalecimiento empresarial, emprendimiento, comercio internacional, gestión de recursos, diseño de estrategias y planes de negocio.

    Contamos con una extensa red de aliados e importantes clientes tanto nacionales como internacionales.

  • India

    JJ ENTERPRISES INDIA is a unique destination in India for investment, import and export.

    We specialize in commercial representation, search for reliable business partners, and information on business opportunities, purchases and dispatches of merchandise, promotion and exhibition of products, registration of marks and sanitary certificates and investment promotion.

    We offer a wide variety of personalized services according to the needs of our customers. We offer quality and promptness in the execution of the orders received. We have 14 years of professional experience in this area.

  • China

    ANNEX ASIA es una empresa con oficinas en Ecuador y China destinada a facilitar entre otros el comercio internacional entre el Asia y Latinoamérica. Dentro de sus líneas de negocio desarrolla labores de búsquedas comerciales, intermediación, supervisión en procesos de compra y carga en diversos sectores como industrial, acuícola y agrícola.


The RIN is convening, at an international level, the main chambers and guilds of each country in order to participate actively in the Business Platform (in its conditions of allies), allowing these organizations (as well as their own affiliates or associates) to use this interaction tool as a space for publicity and contact between the offers and demands of business opportunities thus facilitating the development of business internationally.

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